Following a lack of repetition in the music industry, radio stations have taken notice and agreed to increase the frequency to which it plays top twenty hits. Ryan Seacrest apologized to a crowd outside of the KISS FM radio station, "I am so sorry that we have been exposing the public to so many new artists. From now on, we're only shoving Rihanna, Lady Gaga and maybe one other musician down your throat."

"What about the classics?" A girl screamed at Ryan. “I want to hear Oops I did it again by Indie artist Brittany Spears,” the 21 year-old fan shouted before hurling a perfume bottle at his head.

To counter the eclectic taste of music put out by radio, new stations are popping up that just focus on one song at a time. 98.4, “the repeat,” has been playing Katy Perry’s “Part of me” nonstop for the last three weeks. A pre-recorded audio tape for the station said “And now, 45 minutes of uninterrupted “Part of me” followed by Katy Perry’s, “Part of me.”

While 99.9% of the music industry agrees with Ryan, there are a few detractors. Ralph Gleason of Rolling Stone magazine had this to say, "All new music is a rip off of something else, repackaged and played on rotation until your ears bleed, but it could be worse. They could just digitally remaster them and re-release the same shit like movies do.”


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