Million Dollar Baby (2004)

Posted by The Satire Wire

Million dollar baby is inappropriately named. Perhaps in the first draft of the screenplay the movie was to steer you into abortion issues, that's the only way I can figure they got "baby" out of the title. Instead, they use boxing as the bait and then switch it to reveal this is to pull at your heart strings over the issue of euthanasia. If I had to sum up this movie in only one word it would be this: EVIL. Two words, evil and depressing. What's the point of a movie? I thought it was to entertain. I was emotionally drained from this film. Maybe those jaded folks out there who are so desensitized that they feel practically nothing got their emotions temporarily resuscitated, but for most normal, feeling people with souls this is just someone saying "life sucks dude. The higher you reach, the harder you'll fall." Screw that kind of mentality, and screw this film. And especially, screw Continetal airlines for showing it and freaking out my innocent girlfriend. C-


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