Guess Who (can't direct a movie?) (2005)

Posted by The Satire Wire

I liked it better when the white dude was Ben Stiller and was called meet the parents. If Ashton Kutcher wasn't on personality arrest, it could have gone a different direction. The worst part about this movie is this wasn't even an original screenplay, it's from "guess who" in the 1960's. Get some originality Hollywood and stop robbing the grave. And the whole racial thing going on, nonexistent in my eyes. It was such a promising storyline, I was sure this movie was going to rock. But alas. 

The fault lies entirely with the director who wanted desperately to catch that awkwardness that Ben Stiller is renowned for doing. When "Simon" arrives to meet his black girlfriend's parents and the father mistakes the black cab driver for the boyfriend, Simon delivers a hysterical line. "I wish Therese would have told me her parents were black. That would have saved an awkward moment." But instead of letting him say the line, we see the daughter and mom's reaction, then the long pause, then the father's reaction, Simon says the first part. Then it cuts to a close up. Then he says "that would have saved an awkward moment. And immediately it cuts to the father, then Simon who wiggles his eyes side to side in an awkward moment attempt. Then the daughter says something but we don't ever see their reaction. A lot is lost w/o going back and seeing it unfold in front of your eyes, but if you do go back, you can see how the humor was lost, which it was continuosly lost throughout the movie. D


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