Waiting (2001)

Posted by The Satire Wire

“Makes you want to get hammered and do dumb shit”

Now this is why I come to the movies- to laugh my arse off, and that is exactly what "Waiting" does. It's great b/c there's really only two ways to go, you're either cool, so you of course loved it, or you are not cool, in which case you were offended or grossed out, or whatever, who cares, you suck.

The trailer says it all, I mean if you like the trailer, you can't not like the movie. But if you went to see if the b!tchy girl who eats a dandruff infested steak gets revenge, well you're in for a disappointment. Monty (Ryan Renolds), the main character, is one of the best upcoming comedic actors around. His style seems to me to be very close to Chevy Chase, upbeat, apathetic yet clever at the same time. It’s not the 40 year old virgin or wedding crashers, but it is a must see if you like-a to party. A-


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