After successfully playing legendary historical figures such as Howard Hughes, J. Edgar Hoover and Jay Gatsby, Leo will undertake his most challenging role by stepping into the shoes of comedian and former voice of the Aflac duck, Gilbert Godfrey in the soon-to-be-released movie, Godfrey.

"Getting into character is hard," said the prestigious actor from his Beverly Hills mansion. "I have to squint my face for like five minutes before each take." "Don't even get me started on the voice." Leo has reportedly been treated multiple times for laryngitis after spending hours trying to impersonate the comedian's very-specific speech pattern. "af-LAC. AF-lac. AFLAC. how COME, HOW come, HOW COME..." a hoarse DiCaprio could be heard from his million dollar trailer experimenting with different intonations.

While originally just a hidden camera joke set to be aired on "Pranked," neither Ashton Kutcher nor anyone else can now bring themself to tell Leo the truth. "With the amount of star power that Leonardo DiCaprio brings to the table, this will most likely be released in theatres," said Imagine Entertainment executive Barton Meyers. When asked how the movie will fare compared to his other works, the exec said, "Not well, but still better than J. Edgar." 


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