Right wing activists are furious at the recent advertising campaign that portrays Hanson Hangers as a great choice for hanging your coat on and as a means of performing self-assisted abortions.

The catchphrase, “It fits snug in your snatch” has been lambasted by both sides of the political spectrum. “That’s not the idea,” said Dr. Robert Ludlum, Abortion clinic physician. “Abortions require the skill of a trained professional with professional equipment. While a coat hanger could technically do the job, the effectiveness of the tool has nothing to do with how cozy it fits in the vagina.” That notion was echoed by a pro-life rally gathered outside of the Hanson Hanger corporation for hours yesterday chanting, “Not in my cooch!” 

“They should come right out and just say what it’s really for,” said critic Ron Abrams. Other opponents similarly pointed out that Hanson Hangers are not really geared toward being used for clothes. "At $14 a hanger, it’s either a really expensive coat hanger or really cheap abortion.”

Teenagers, on the other hand, don’t share the same viewpoint. “It’s not like a bad idea. I mean, I’d rather take one of those morning-after pills for those night-before spills <giggles> okay, I just made that up <laughter>. Anyway, like, it should at least come with instructions.”

Pro-choice advocates point out that teenagers don’t have much of a choice. “If you’re a teenager and can’t afford to go to an abortion clinic, do you really want to ask your parents for the money and reveal you’re pregnant?”

While using Hanson Hangers to abort your baby are still considered a dangerous procedure, most teenagers agree that it still beats having a baby.


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