The Dilemma

Posted by The Satire Wire

The ultimate dilemma in this movie is how I get my money back from Blockbuster. Here's the thing, I don't get mad at my girl when she takes two hours to get ready. I get mad when she tells me she only needs 30 minutes. So you better believe when I rent a "comedy" it chaps my ass when it turns out to be a drama!... with Kevin James and Vince Vaughn no less. The DVD cover said "HILLARIOUS!" and, "A new comedy by Ron Howard," and then I flip it over and it says, "BIG LAUGHS." If it had said "DRAMATIC!" and, "A new drama by Ron Howard," and I flip it over and it says, "BIG AWKWARD MOMENTS," I might have liked it. Maybe. Okay, I wouldn't like it anymore than waiting for my girl to get ready for 2 hours, but at least I'd know what to expect.

Ron Howard should have his comedy directing privileges revoked. On one side, he wanted to let the actors explore the depths of conflict by extending scenes until they were completely tapped out. But then again, he wanted a nice, neat ending that you could see coming a mile away. You can't have both. Do I sound bitter at the man for not giving me any speaking lines in Frost Nixon? Okay, I'm pissed. But seriously, asking him to direct a comedy is like asking Ron Jeremy to direct the next M. Knight Shyamalan movie.

Hopefully, the storyline of when to tell a friend about cheating and the difference when it's a guy versus a girl will be explored much better in a future movie not involving any of this cast or crew. But for now, if you're looking for laughs, please God, look elsewhere. Overall Grade: D+


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