Okay, you got your big, blockbuster idea. Now how do you write it? Enroll in NYU's film school for a few years? Of course not, you read this article and save the $40K you don't have anyway...

Step 1) Read the book, Save The Cat! This book will layout the structure and format of writing including, how many pages should it be, where Act I should end, and where Act II should end. The truth is, if you do not follow the format of a script, no one will believe you can execute your brilliant idea. So learn the rules before you bend them.

Step 2) Get the software program, Final Draft. Again, readers in the industry want the script to look a certain way. This program will simplify the process of separating dialogue from scene descriptions, etc.

Step 3) Read the book, Your screenplay sucks. This will tell you everything you're doing wrong, but to know what you're doing wrong, you have to do something. Hence, outline and at least write the first act before launching into it.


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