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If I had to sum up The Hangover 2, I'd say it was like the movie The Hangover, except in Thailand. Substitute a missing tooth for a tattoo, a baby for a monkey and a vegas stripper for a bangkok hooker and <BAM> you got a sequel. Now, I'm willing to grant some latitude considering it's predecessor was the best comedy in the last 2 years. So fine, recycle your premise, but for fuck sake, don't steal your jokes!

Okay, there's a wedding they need to get to, okay, you got drugged again, okay you lost one of your guys, okay now you need to search for him, okay, wait a minute, the little asian guy's jumping out of a confined space again and beating them up. Time out! Oh, now Stu's gonna sing an impromptu song? I can't laugh b/c I'm busy thinking, "How the fuck did Stu find an acoustic guitar on the boat" and "didn't I already see this w/ a piano?" This movie revamped so much of the original, it should've been called, "The Hangover- Greatest Hits, remastered." 

Nevertheless, if you liked the original, you'll like the sequel, just not as much. Overall grade: B


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