3 crucial tips for your first stand-up gig

Posted by The Satire Wire

I can tell you from experience, the difference between seeing the stage as an audience and coming out as a comedian is like watching the guys jump from the high dive and hanging your toes off the high-dive board. When you look down, it's scary as shit! Here's the best 3 things you can do to minimize nerves and maximize laughs...

1) Prepare! Write your material down. I know, you're worried it'll kill your spontaneous, unique delivery. Fine, write down an outline. But you better practice, at the very least in front of a mirror or in front of your video camera because when your name is called and run out on stage, you'll be glad you did.

2) 90% of your first time doing stand-up will be determined by your attitude. You've written this stuff down and rehearsed it, now go out and make a connection with the audience. Focus on having a positive attitude and it will carry you through.

3) Never have you nor the MC tell the audience it's your first time. Why? Because audiences believe what you tell them. If you say, "he's great, he's funny," incredibly they'll believe it. When you reveal it's your first time, you will accomplish two things. You will substitute any potential future laughter for pity, and you could undermine the show, especially if you're in a booked show where the audience has paid for tickets and drinks. While you're telling an actual funny joke all they're thinking is, "why isn't this guy doing an open mic?"


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